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More fruit

Less sugar

Maximum taste

Our jam has

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more fruit*
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less sugar*
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less calories*
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more taste**
*Our incredibly fruity raspberry jam compared to the average raspberry jam found in supermarkets.
We even have 50% less sugar in our jam compared to products advertised with "No added sugar"!

** personal taste preferences of The Jam People.

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More fruit

To make our incredibly fruity jam we use 75% more fruit than the average jam available in supermarkets. Why? Because more fruit means more taste. Simple, isn't it?

Less sugar

We reduced the sugar content of the jam by up to 60%. Why? Because sugar isn't good for you. And reducing sugar even means more taste (we replace sugar with fruit, not with water).

Better for you

We all eat too much sugar. Did you know that the average jam available in supermarkets actually contains 50% sugar? Less sugar does not only taste better, it's also better for you.

All natural

The food industry loves fat, sugar and additives such as preservatives or flavouring. These things are cheap and are great (for companies margins). We try to avoid them as much as we can to keep our products as natural as possible.

Buy our jam and other products online

We ship all our incredibly fruity jams within the ROI. Just visit our online shop and we’ll try our best to ship the next working day. We have a flat rate shipping rate of €5.95 for the ROI.

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